Jeroen Elswijk, violinmaker
Amstelveen| Haarlem


Jeroen offers instruments for rent in several classes.

The violins, violas, cellos and double basses can by hired for one year, or, in special cases, for half a year.

The instruments are hired out in strong wooden cases and with shoulder rests.

A bigger instrument can be arranged anytime by appointment.


Violin from € 210,- per year (€ 17,5- per month)
Viola from € 235,- per year (€ 19,58 per month)
Cello from € 365,- per year* (€ 30,42 per month*)

*excl. insurance.

The deposit for a violin or viola is € 85,- . For a cello it's € 120,-.

Master grade instruments are also available for advanced students - for instance, for students currently studying at a Dutch Conservatorium. Ask for availability.